Best Psychic Medium Healer Dr Moosa

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Dr Moosa is a best psychic traditional healer help in so many ways including healing sickness, taking away demons from someone, casting traditional spells to help, giving advice to those in need of it for a better lifestyle

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100 Voortrekker Road
Goodwood, Western Cape 76501
South Africa

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  • Best Traditional Herbalist Healer Dr Moosa has a divine experience to fix Relationship Problems, Luck, Business Boosting, Win Court Cases, Protection. Win Tender. Bring Back Lost Property. Possess spiritual powers which assist people with different kind of problem through traditional healing , herbal healing ,dream translations, mediums,psychic and spell casting services for love,marriage,work, business, relationships, studies ,sales, and heals many kinds of illnesses using organic herbal medicine and supplements such as herpes, blood pressure,obesity,insanity,weight loss, sexual dysfunction, stress, anxiety, infections, body pains,Infertility and others. He does free reading through tarot, Palms, throwing bones, spirits, horoscopes, astrology, Chakra and clairvoyance. Offering free consultations by schedule appointment from a wherever place.

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