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The Importance of Targeting in Marketing (And How to Include It in Your Strategy)

November 04, 2019

When it comes to marketing, if you’re trying to talk to everybody, you’re going to have a difficult time reaching anybody. Vague and generic mess... (more)

Keyword Density: What It Is and How to Calculate It

June 24, 2019

Keyword density is a foundational aspect of on-page SEO. When used correctly, it can help attract search engines and boost a page’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). When ign... (more)

7 Ways to Re-purpose Your Content Ideas

June 11, 2019

Stuck on what content to post next? Breathe, it happens. Producing quality content that is creative, efficient and consistent for multiple channels is enough to overstimulate even Gen-Zer... (more)

Know Your Worth: How to Price Your Services Correctly

May 23, 2019

Knowing what to charge for freelance work is tough. Ask for too much and you might lose out on the job. On the other hand, if you go too low, the client might wonder if your bargain price is due to... (more)

11 Entrepreneurs Share Their 'Secret Weapon' For Business Success

November 24, 2018 ... (more)

The role of AI in creating effective affiliate marketing ads

July 16, 2018

When simply stated, affiliate marketing involves promoting products of another seller on the internet for a commission. The commission is... (more)

8 Tips for Training your Small Business Employees on a Budget

July 09, 2018

Well-trained employees are essential to the success of your business. Unfortunately, in a bad economy, a business’ training budget is often the first thing cut. It may make sense at the time... (more)

5 Types of Audience Members You Can Safely Ignore

July 09, 2018

It takes a certain amount of strength to be an audience-focused content creator. It&rsqu... (more)

Simple Social Media Guide for Small Businesses

June 20, 2018

  It’s hard to escape the interest, activity and advantages of social media. Platforms are either constantly evolving. With the changing dynamics of the digital communication s... (more)

Start a Business With No Money

May 03, 2018

Got a great business idea and want to start a business with no money? You’re not alone. But for most aspiring entrepreneurs, getting hold of the much needed capital is usually the biggest cha... (more)