Calibre of Virtual Assistants to Build your Business

Calibre of Virtual Assistants to Build your Business


Skills of Virtual Assistants to Build your Business

At the time of year beginning, there was a small business owner (let’s call him Mack) was excited for his first day at the office. He was busy in brainstorming, and his brain was on overdrive. He had big plans and creative ideas to foster the business. Also, his resolution was to make good beginnings and in 2018 the best year.

Now, fast-forwarding it to the current day.

Mack is frustrated. He still not able to figure out how to make most out of his working hours, so the big plans are not moving in the right direction. He is completely burned out. The personal life of Mack is suffering, plus the feeling of being unproductive is killing him.

Sounds familiar?

Create Most of it with Virtual Assistant Services – No Magic is Required

Mack is one of the so many entrepreneurs and small business owners; he wears many hats and has trouble in delegating. Moreover, there is no enough time in a day for fulfilling the responsibilities and implementing new strategies at one time.

Maybe, you too have plans in the pipeline, that did not have time to implement. Or you could be planning to expand the business but feels deep learning about the trouble. Or maybe, you have no idea about what can be delegated, and to whom. It is difficult to find a trustworthy and skilled individual that works as hard as you.

There is a qualified help, that acts as an answer to your problem.

Ultimately, you need an assistant, a manager, a sales guru – someone who can solve all the problems. Someone who can dedicatedly work for extra hours and who assistance can turn a plan into reality.

If you still have the doubt, allow us to resolve.

The Virtual Assistant Myth

The popular myth running around the Internet; perhaps you’ve heard it?

The misconception is that virtual assistants are only qualified for only basic admin tasks, including research and email management.

However, the new breed of VA has coveted skill sets that are capable of doing much more. And, these business grade virtual assistant companies, that hire big time game changing virtual assistants. These VAs are special telecommunicators, lead generation experts, email specialist, report creators, bookkeepers, and a lot more.

The New Calibre of Virtual Assistants

It is 2018, and the virtual workplaces have matured. And, the virtual assistants can fill the key needs and satisfy special needs within your business. These pro-active virtual ninjas can fill significant business roles such as

Remote staffing solutions - Bookkeeping services, event management, data mining and maintenance, CRM management, etc.

E-commerce support services – Returns/exchanges, email management, inventory management, order placement & tracking, image editing & uploading, website maintenance, product listing, etc.

Recruitment support services – Job posting, head hunting, resume sourcing, database building, initial communication, etc.

Pre-sales activities – Lead generation, market research, contact extraction, prospect list building, product listing, direct mail services, etc.

Healthcare BPO – Generating EOD, account payable, denial management, entering deposits in QB, production & collection report, etc.

Bookkeeping support services, real estate support services, and insurance support services.

You’ll find virtual web development assistants, virtual administrative assistants, virtual email assistants, virtual personal assistants, virtual customer support, virtual project manager, virtual book-keeping assistants, and virtual sales gurus. And yes, these virtual ninjas are available under one roof, which can be accessed with a click of a mouse.

“Now, I want you to rewind the exciting plans for 2018 because there is still time and we can make it happen.”

Fusion – Providing VA to your business

The beauty today’s online workplace is that you can delegate a full position or function to your virtual staff, and without sacrificing on quality or budget. And, with a virtual assistant company as Fusion Business Solutions, you will connect with a skilled, virtual member who is chosen to match your personality, culture, and specific skill set.

So, now can you envision the best for your business? Imagine your business taking new heights with exceptional lead generation, schedule management, publishing sales page on WordPress, and making affiliate payments. Or maybe, your e-commerce game will set on point with excellent customer service, order placement, order tracking, product listing, inventory management. You can have that as well.

Remember whatever are your plans, we have the team of virtual assistants that can make it happen for you, hand-holding is not required.

Now, all that you have to do is act.

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02 Jun 2019

By Madhur Kogta